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geta contrib update on Cambridge

Hi folks,

I've made some updates of the geta contributions on Cambrige
(cambridge.apple.com ; /pub/MCL2/).
The updates fixe some minor bugs but mainly try to simplify the loading
process for those who haven't (yet :-) the defunit of Guillaume Cartier.


I have included the geta-contrib-abstract file:

This file contains a (short) description of the contributions of the GETA.

GETA means Group d'Etude pour la Traduction Automatique 
(Study Group for Machine Translation).

        Mathieu Lafourcade
        150, rue de la chimie
        BP 53
        38041 Grenoble Cedex 9
        e-mail: Mathieu.Lafourcade@imag.fr
        Gilles Serasset
        150, rue de la chimie
        BP 53
        38041 Grenoble Cedex 9
        e-mail: Gilles.Serasset@imag.fr

All our contributions are free to use and free to distribute.
The described contributions ares: geta-grapher (new!), geta-browser,
geta-strings, geta-
init, geta-iconic-items, Geta-unit-browser (new!)

Geta-defunit-patch                      (new!)
At geta we have modified the famous defunit provided by Guillaume Cartier.
Now the research
of unit definition files is made easier by the definition of a "working
folder" where the
user can drop his projects. Projects are going to be automatically found
when loaded.

An "extensions" folder can be spcified for a given project. This allows to
drop files to be 
loaded (as extensions in the system folder) without having to change the
unit definition file.
However, these files won't be compiled.

        "BY HAND".

Geta-grapher 1.1                        (new!)
Geta-grapher 1.1 is a grapher manager. It has a quite long history as it
has originally been 
derived from the grapher.lisp file found in the examples and on the
grapher.lisp file from 
Bill Anderson (University of Maryland). It was already used by
geta-browser, but it is the 
first time the geta-grapher is offered alone.

The geta-grapher is used in the geta-browser package.

Geta-browser 2.2
Geta-browser 2.2 is a class browser for CLOS. It allows you to visualize 
and browse through CLOS classes. The classes are displayed as a tree. 
You can directly see if a class has multiple superclasses. You can also see 
the class slots, the class methods and all instances (well, only the instances 
associated to a symbol). It is also possible to collapse classes to save space 
in your graph.
You can print the graph (it is very usefull if you don't like your wall
paper ;-). 
Warning: The graph can be very large (so please, don't forget to save a tree).
Support to ballon-help are provided as an optional feature.

It has been adapted to the marvelous Cartier's defunit, if you don't use it, 
take a look at it (Cartier's-contrib available at cambridge.apple.com), 
it is really usefull.
Anyway, a bootstrapper is provided if you don't want to use Cartier's contribs.

What's new in 2.0? 
The geta-grapher has been partially rewritten since the 1.31 version. The
grapher package 
is much more generic but it makes virtuallty no difference in the use of
the browser.
The produced graph is visually more compact (but you can change it, if you
The package has been divided in two packages (geta-grapher and geta-browser).
The geta-browser includes the geta-grapher package so you do not need to
dowload it. 

Geta-strings 1.0
The different functions of the package geta-strings are mainely inspired 
by the REXX functions. REXX means Restructured EXtended eXecutor (language) and 
is ), . and  of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). 
All the material of this file has absolutely no link with IBM.

The functions proviede are:
        abbrev center centre compare copies delstr delword index
        insert justify lastpos left n-str-char nchar phrase-find
        prefixe right set-delimiter space string-find string-member
        strip substr subword suffixe translate verify word wordindex
        wordlength words

The special (and powerfull) "parse" function is also provided.

Geta-init 1.0
This is a Init Manager adapted by M. Lafourcade 
(lafourca@imag.fr) from the Daniel Ranson (ranson@lannion.cnet.fr) 
(AppleLink: RANSON) Init Manager for MCL2.0. 

Now the init manager includes a progression bar. It can be closed if
the user doesn't want to see it. The original code of the progression
bar is not mine (i've slightly modified it, however) but I can't get its
author name (oops, sorry!)

What follows are the orignial comment of Daniel Ranson about his init manager:
Loads the files in directory named "inits" inside MCL directory, in
alphabetical order.
If the Option key is held down while this file loads, a window with the
list of init files pops up, and it is possible to select which files
will be loaded this time.
This code has been tested with MCL2.0.
Use this code any way you want, and take responsibility for any damage
it may cause.

Geta-iconic-items 1.0
This is a set of dialog items based on icons. It provides 2
types of dialog items: "iconic-dialog-items": items appearing as an icon.
                       "icon-and-text-dialog-items": icon and text, centered.
Both type of item uses 2 icons (one for the standard state, the second for
the selected
(or pushed) state. This allows the use of color icons or 3D icons.

Geta-unit-browser 1.0           (new!)

geta-unit-browser is designed to be used with the defunit system.

Defunit is a defsystem for MCL developed by Guillaume Cartier (see
cartier's-contrib.sit.hqx, available via anonymous ftp at cambridge.apple.com).

geta-unit-browser is a small interface to browse through your units. 
It allows you to see the definition of already defined units,
and to edit/print source files and unit definition files for each units. It
provides a direct acces to your files. 

Please read - Please read - Please read - Please read

For the loading, you can use the defunit contribution of Guillaume Cartier with
renaming the files terminated by ".defu" of the geta packages and place
them in the "unit"
folder of the Cartier's Contrib folder. If you do not use the defunit
package you can load "by 
hand" the package. The file order is given in the .defu file.
Soon, a geta adaptation of the cartier's defunit will (hopfully) be
released. This adaptation 
will simplify the loading of the units.

Use this code any way you want, and take responsibility for any damage
it may cause.


If you find it usefull you can send us a postcard of your country. It you
find any bug or 
flaw either in the code or in the documentation, PLEASE notify us so we can
support these 


Mathieu Lafourcade
Gilles Serasset


Lafourcade Mathieu
GETA (Groupe d'Etude pour la Traduction Automatique)
IMAG (Institut de Mathematiques Appliquees de Grenoble)
Tel : (33) 76 51 43 80          Fax : (33) 76 51 44 05