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Re: RE>specializing menu-ite

                       Subject:                               Time:10:22 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          RE>RE>specializing menu-item           Date:12/3/1993
>> In article <9312011931.AA28167@mx.nsi.nasa.gov>, you write:
>> you can easily change the font, etc. of any menu item by changing the >>
>> slot that is a part of every menu-item you create:
>>   (setf (slot-value my-menu-item 'style) my-new-font)

> Have you really tried that? I think this can't work (I didn't get it to
> work);
> I believe there is even no toolbox routine to change/set the font of a
> menu item. I'd wish you were right.

> Paul

I stand corrected.  

There is no toolbox procedure that changes menu fonts.  Worse yet, a font spec
is not even stored with the Menu Manager's menu data structure (MenuInfo)! 
There is an itemStyle field and this can be tweeked from the toolbox or via the
:style slot in MCL.  But no field for menu font.  All menus get painted up
using the system font or application font (which can be changed globally (ala
Greg's Buttons)).  This is either a vestige of the early Macs or current
interface design guidelines dogma.  

Sorry for the bad advice.