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                       Subject:                               Time:2:39 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          None                                   Date:12/3/1993
> You describe the way the standard Menu Definition Function operates.  In
> principal, it is easy to specify one's own MDEF.  It's just a code resource
> in the application.  Those applications which show the option key, etc
> symbols for their key shortcuts probably do that.  ["Probably" in the 
> sense that it is the easiest way.]  Likewise, apps like MacWrite, 
> which show (optionally) the Font menu using the Fonts themselves.

> How all that applies to MCL, I'm not sure.  I'm sure most of the code 
> could be written in LISP, but I don't know how to make the connections.

>   --John

My read of MDEF resources is that they still use the system font which can now
be changed globally.  If this is true, how do you switch it in mid-menu? 
InsMenuItem still doesn't accept a font.  Your MacWrite example proves it's
possible.  I'd like to know how they do it.