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Menu Bars

In my application I have three menubars and toggle between them using 
comtabs.  The first menubar is the standard lisp menubar, and the
other two are for specific applications.  In each of the later two,
however, I combine the "Eval" and "Lisp" menus of the standard
menubar into a single menu so that I maintain these programming

This is done using the following code.
                      :MENU-TITLE "LISP"
                      :MENU-COLORS `(:MENU-TITLE 12553495
:MENU-BACKGROUND ,*white-color*)
                         :MENU-TITLE "LISP"
                         :MENU-COLORS `(:MENU-TITLE 12553495
:MENU-BACKGROUND ,*white-color*)
(defvar *Eval-Bar* (fourth *default-menubar*)
  ;; (find-menu "Eval")
(defvar *Tool-Bar* (fifth  *default-menubar*))

(progn (apply 'remove-MENU-ITEMS  *LISP-Menu* (MENU-ITEMS
       (apply 'add-MENU-items *LISP-Menu* (menu-items *Eval-Bar*))
       ;; (add-MENU-items *LISP-Menu* *Eval-Bar*)
       (add-MENU-items *LISP-Menu* (MAKE-INSTANCE
       (apply 'add-MENU-items *LISP-Menu* (menu-items *Tool-Bar*))
       ;; (add-MENU-items *LISP-Menu* *Tool-Bar*)

This code is always run after startup as one of my

Here is my problem.  All the menus work as I expect, except that all
the keyboard shortcuts get turned off in the primary lisp menubar. 
They work, however, in the menubars under *lisp-menu*.  How can I
keep them turned on in the ol default menubar?

Thank you for your help.