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RE: Heirarchical menus limit

Joanna Bryson <jomail@ai.mit.edu> writes:

>I personally think that all menus should be accessable from 
>the keyboard, like they are under MS Windows by using the Alt key
>and an underscored letter from your selections, or the arrow keys.
>Then you can get down n levels of depth with n key strokes -- 
>still slow but not as maddening since you are less likely to 
>pull the wrong thing, no matter how many levels you go down.
>And, unlike hotkeys, you don't have to memorize the letters for
>unfamiliar programs.  Not that I don't like mice and hot keys too,
>I just think you should have all options so you can do things as
>fast as possible.  ....

I agree.  A uniform keyboard access to menues would be handy.  BTW, I have
found menues useful down to 4 levels or so, as long as they are not used
too often.  For me, it starts to become a hand-eye coordination test at
that point, though.  :8o)

David S. Bright                        bright@enh.nist.gov  
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