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Re: Foreign Function Warnings??

At 12:48 PM 12/8/93 -0500, M. G. Slack wrote:
>I'm loading foreign functions into my mcl environment however I get these
>warnings which I 1) dont fully understand 2) I would like to either cause them
>not to happen or 3) suppress them with 
>(setf *suppress-warnings-of-unusual-size* t) or sum such global.
>Here is what the warnings look like:
>;warning: Duplicate defninition for "memcpy"
>; while executing: ccl::ff-readobj

This means that more than one definition for the routine "memcpy" is included in the
object file (or object files) that you are loading.

Unfortunately, there is no special variable to suppress these warnings.  You can
use the brute force approach, viz.:

(let ((old-warn (fdefinition 'warn)))
      (setf (fdefinition 'warn) #'(lambda (&rest ignore) ignore nil))
      ;;;Your code which loads the foreign function files goes here.
      ;;;you might also want to check in the dummy warn function that this is the
      ;;;type of warning you expect, and funcall the old one if it isn't.
      (warn "This is a test"))
    (setf (fdefinition'warn) old-warn)))