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Re: prompt w/ open-file dialog

On  Fri, 10 Dec , Tom McDougal asks whether the choose-file-dialog
function accepts the :prompt keyword just as choose-new-file-dialog

For example:
?   (choose-new-file-dialog :directory "Examples;temp.lisp"
			    :prompt "Create it now"
			    :button-string "New")
Allows the programmer to specify the default directory, the prompt
and the button string to be used for the prompt (create it now).

Choose-file-dialog does not
?   (choose-file-dialog :directory "CCL:Examples;temp.lisp"
			:mac-file-type a-valid-mac-type
			:button-string "New")
The dialog box has no space of entering the prompt box but
does allow you to filter the types of files to display. 

Looks like you'll have to perform your own fix.