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QA opening at Apple Cambridge

Apple Computer's Developer Products Group is looking for a senior quality
assurance engineer to work in the Dylan group in Cambridge, MA.

* Substantial experience with QA for high-volume commercial software required.
* Experience in developing testing systems for interactive graphical user
  interfaces required.
* Experience with the Macintosh desirable.
* Experience with QA for language implementations (compiler / runtime)
* Experience with Lisp, Scheme, Smalltalk, etc. desirable.

Please send resumes to Carl Schwarcz, Apple Computer, One Main Street,
Cambridge, MA  02142, or Schwarcz@cambridge.apple.com (prefer BinHex'd
Macintosh format files or Postscript).  [Principals only.]

Apple Computer has a corporate commitment to the principle of diversity. 
In that spirit, we welcome applications from all individuals.  Women,
minorities, veterans and disabled individuals are encouraged to apply.