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Re: What is status of MCL 2.0.1?

> The APDA catalog is advertising version 2.0.1, but a phone call to APDA reveals 
> that 2.0.1 is not yet available -- orders are still being filled with version 
> 2.0.
> My dilemma is:  should I order 2.0 and upgrade to 2.0.1, or would I be better 
> off waiting and getting the newer version initially?
> Is there any advantage to getting 2.0.1 rather that upgrading?  Are upgrades 
> free?  Has the documentation changed?  The CD?  How soon will 2.0.1 be shipping?

I can't answer this for sure (since I don't work at Apple :-(  ). However, I
would assume that the documentation would be updated to reflect the changes to
version 2.0.1.  At least, that is what I would hope they would do, and the Apple
LISP people are generally the kind that I would expect them to do this.

Also, my favorate part of the CD (aside from click and drag installation), is
the ability to use it as a reference source, so I hope they will update the
manuals and archives on the CD.

The short of it is, I would do what you are doing and ask, or wait for the 2.0.1
and hope that it has these updates.

If there are these updates, is there any chance of buying a copy of _just_ the
CD, if we already have MCL 2.0?


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