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Re: using cursors from resources -- answer

In article <9312101616.AB01697@fuchsia.uchicago.edu> Tom McDougal, 
mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu writes:
>Suppose I use GET-RESOURCE to load a "CURS" resource.  What is the
>way to get access to that cursor (in a form that view-cursor might

Thanks to Chip Cleary at ILS for help w/ this.  My error was in failing to
keep the resource file open throughout the use of the cursor.

The following works, using get-resource as defined in resources.lisp.

  (setq *my-cursor* (get-resource "CURS" <name-or-number>))
  (defmethod view-cursor ((self my-view) p)
    (declare (ignore p))

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