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Re: Re- AppleEvent to a remo

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I've  had similar problems.
With one machine in our network the application name was never recognized (as
in your case). I haven't been able to solve this. The machine in question is a
QUADRA 950. I mentioned this problem in the mail i did send you.
We simply stopped using that machine for network experiments, but i don't think
that is the kind of solution you had in mind.
However, if you can live with such a work-around (as we can) you can make an
inventory of what machines work and what machines don't. By using the functions
that bring up the PPC browser you can  test a machine. If there are default
selections for zone, machine and application the same call should work without
bringing up the browser...

Sorry that I can't be of any more help.
If you are able to find the cause of this problems I'd really like to hear.

Good luck, Andre.

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> Guess this one should get into the FAQ.
> Some tim eago the same question was asked by Eric Shafto and before that by
> myself. 
> Derek White did send me some code that does that exactly. Below you'll find
> what we use now, not the original. It works fine for us but we've had some
> problems. For one machine in our
> LAN, a quadra 950, the application name was not recognized. Haven't found the
> cause of that.

Thanks very much for posting this code.

I'm having problems with it, though. I can't seem to get remote-send-dosc
to work properly. remote-send-dosc-with-ppc works fine, but when I try to
use remote-send-dosc to the same application, I get a -915 error. (I'm just
sending simple scripts to HyperCard on another Mac in the same zone.)

Are there any obvious pitfalls that I might be missing?

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