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I've been trying to get save-object (the version in the lisp-utilities 
repository, not the rather dated version on cambridge.apple.com) working 
in MCL 2.0.1. The header is:

;;; SAVE-OBJECT, Version 7O, Effective Date: March, 1993.
;;; Copyright (C) Kerry V. Koitzsch, 1992,1993.

The text in this file says it was only tested with 2.0b3
In 2.0.1, it doesn't even compile in the DATABASE package as it (not for me). 
One of the compilation errors I get is that whenever it tries to:

  (defmethod foo ((instance T))

MCL gives the error:

  unbound variable FOO

If T is instead a "real class" rather than the root class, this does not
happen.  This particular error also does not happen when I compile
(in-package :cl-user), only when (in-package 'DATABASE).  Not being
real good at MCL, I'm confused.

(in-package :cl-user)
(use-package :cl-user :ccl)

Before I start thrashing around with it, does anyone have a plug-n-play
working version of save-object.lisp they can send me? Is there a more recent 
version than the above I should have?