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Re: synchronizing sound and removing and adding subviews

In article <9312151921.AA27250@medici.ils.nwu.edu> Nichole Denise
pinkard@medici.ils.nwu.edu writes:
>Is there a way to tell MCL to hold of processing a function until it has
>finished adding or removing subviews?

Two naive suggestions; please take no offense if you have tried these

1) Insert a call to (event-dispatch) after the call to add-subviews
and also after remove-subviews.

if that doesn't work...

2) wrap WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS around the calls to set-back-color & 
add-subviews.  This is more drastic & might have some unwanted

Good luck.

Tom McDougal   mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu   +1 (312) 702-9923
     University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence