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Re: Text wrap break between words

Angus McIntyre <angus@aegypt.demon.co.uk> writes:

>I don't think the various auto-fill examples really *are* a solution,
>because - if I remember rightly - they change the text by inserting CRs,
>whereas what's really wanted is something that performs word-wrapping the
>way TextEdit does it, so that if you resize the item, the text is
>reformatted appropriately.

There are rumors that Apple is working on a true word-wrapping FRED
for MCL 3.0, but they haven't announced any official plans.

FRED uses CRs at the end-of-line, just like EMACS.  My wilma-mixin
might not do everything you want, but it will rewrap the text for you
if you resize the item.

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