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Re: clip-region interaction with princ

>I need to clip text to a region (really a rect) in a window, but it seems that
>the standard princ function applied to a window does not obey the clip region.

There are MacTraps for this purpose;
 look at #_DrawString #_DrawText and #_TextBox

Your example, modified:

(defclass foowin (window) ())

(defparameter w1 (make-instance 'foowin))

(defmethod view-draw-contents :after ((w foowin))
  (with-region rgn
    (clip-region w rgn)
    (clip-rect w 100 100 150 150)
    (paint-rect w 90 90 140 210)
    (#_MoveTo 102 110)
    ; (princ "The quick brown fox did something?" w)
    (with-pstrs ((s "The quick brown fox did something?"))
      (#_DrawString s))
    (set-clip-region w rgn))

For text longer than 255 characters, you will need to either break the
string up into pieces yourself, or use #_DrawText if you have a pointer to
the text:

    (with-pstrs ((s "The quick brown fox did something?"))
      (#_DrawText s 1 (%get-unsigned-byte s)))