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Re: misc questions

At  9:40 AM 12/23/93 +0100, Mathieu Lafourcade wrote:
>Some year ending (and not century ending :-) questions:
>How to set the background color of a scrolling-window. I want to set bey
>default and to have it automatically filled with the collor. For now, I
>have to do it (with a pain-rect). But also, I can't use some color as
>*light-gray-color* which appear white. For flashy color (blue, red, etc.)
>It is ok.
>So, to resume, I want to have a scrolling window with a (make-color 61565
>61565 61565)  light-gray color. How can I do it.

Use SET-BACK-COLOR to set the background color. To make it be the
default, put the SET-BACK-COLOR in an INITIALIZE-INSTANCE method
and don't show the window until the back color has been set. There are
two potential problems with using (make-color 61565 61565 61565). First,
make sure that you create a color window my specifying a true value
for the :COLOR-P initarg (A :DEFAULT-INITARGS in your DEFCLASS is a
good place to do this). Second, if you've got an 8-bit color card,
as I do, the default color table has only 12 gradations of gray (counting
black and white). I found that (make-color 61550 61550 61550) is the
lightest gray in that color table that is not white. In order to get
a lighter shade of gray, you'll have to install a different color table
(using the palette manager).

>* I am looking for  the Earley's of Tomita's algorithms in Lisp. Any
>pointers ??? If none is existing, it will be my Christmas task.

Can't help.

>* I would like to look at the source code of the format function. Where can
>I find it?

I can't access our copy of the MCL 2.0 CD right now, and I don't
remember which, if either, of the two relevant files we decided to make
public. If they're there, they will be in:

  MCL 2.0 CD:Additional MCL Source Code:level-1:l1-format.lisp
  MCL 2.0 CD:Additional MCL Source Code:lib:format.lisp