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Re: Problems getting some things from contrib

>I have had some problems getting some things from the contrib
>directory on cambridge.apple.com.  Many things I have gotten
>successfully.  However, one thing I was unable to get is
>RMs-Contribs-1.0.sea.hqx.  The ftp transfer was fine, then I tried
>two ways of unpacking it: the unbinhex in compact-pro and mcvert
>on my sun.  Niether of these things worked.  The Mcvert attempt
>resulted in a sea file that gave an error message about the application
>needing 0K of memory which it said was not available but of course
>Can anybody help with this?  Thanks in advance,

Today, I copied a new version of my contribution to
The CLOS browser has some new features now and supports
the Geta unit browser.

Required other contributions from /pub/mcl2/contrib/:




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