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RE: CLOS and C++

I haven't seen any books specifically designed for the CLOS
user to learn C++, but I have had experience with both.  My
personal feeling is that a good handle on object-oriented
approaches is better than the specifics of any language
implementation.  My favorite references are:

Grady Booch's "Object Oriented Design: With Applications"


James Rumbaugh's "Object-Oriented Modeling and Design"

If you need a good reference for C++ I would start with 
Stroustrup's book (this one is at home where I have a Centris
with MCL 2.0 and Symantec's C++) but the title is something
like "The C++ Language".  For additional information on C
oriented issues I use:

Kernighan & Ritchie's "The C Programming Langauge",
Harbison & Guy Steele's (Familiar?) "C A Reference Manual" and
Plauger's "The Standard C Library"

Just my 2-cents worth...


Brian Lovewell
Sun Microsystems
Cincinnati, Ohio