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Re: gc and deallocation

In article <...> bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair) writes:
 > At 10:40 PM 1/4/94 -0500, Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
 >>What happens to memory that is allocated in a clos object when the
 >>object is gc'ed? Is there a method that should be defined to clean-up
 >>after the object? Some sort of deallocate-instance?
 > When a CLOS object is garbage collected, it's memory is freed for reuse.
 > The memory of the objects in its slots will also be freed if those objects
 > are not referenced by any other live objects. MCL's garbage collector
 > does not support an explicit user-specifiable clean-up procedure.
 > You normally don't need one, though some applications, e.g. persistent
 > object databases, can benefit from such a feature.

I would imagine that if you have pointers into the Macintosh heap that
were stored in the CLOS object you would end up with a memory leak if
you didn't have some disposal routine of your own.  If you do this, then
you will need to explicitly deallocate the Macintosh heap memory.
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