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Microsoft ships MCL app to developers

I just got the Microsoft MacOLE 2.0 cdrom (Beta2, for Developers). 
I'm not a big fan of OLE (OpenDoc is *so* much nicer, but hey, perhaps 
I'm just a tad biased), but it's always interesting to see who uses 
MCL out there, and for what.

The folder "UI Demo" on the CDROM contains a mockup called Microsoft 
Word 5.OLE. If it wasn't for ResEdit (or the readme file, see below), 
you couldn't tell it was written in MCL. 

It has a perfectly normal-looking MS Word look'n'feel (except for OLE), 
including plain Word icons in the Finder, menus, toolbar, etc., and of 
course, no Listener. Well, ok, so most of the menus and tools actually 
do nothing.

Here's the readme file:

MacOLE 2.0 User Interface Demonstration Program

The MacOLE 2.0 User Interface Demonstration Program provides a visual
example of an implementation of OLE 2.0.  This program was written in
Common Lisp for the purposes of having a User Interface Mockup for OLE 2.0
on the Macintosh.  It does not use the MacOLE libraries and does not
reflect the speed or size of the OLE libraries or any applications using

Any references to Companies or Products in the User Interface Prototype do
not reflect any definitive plans to use MacOLE 2.0 in future products on
the part of either Microsoft or any other Independent Software Vendor. 
These references are for demonstration purposes to provide a sense of
realism to the prototype.  

Have fun with the MacOLE 2.0 UI demonstration!