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Job opportunity

MIT, Laboratory for Computer Science
Clinical Decision Making Group

DESCRIPTION: MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Clinical Decision
Making Group is seeking a programmer to do development of a Macintosh
application for assisting genetic counselors in analyzing family
pedigrees for risk of inherited diseases.  The program to be
implemented will allow the user to draw family pedigrees and calculate
risks based on a probabilistic model.  Implementation is planned to be
in Macintosh Common Lisp with some calculation routines in C.  A
prototype already exists, and it will be the responsibility of the
programmer to build an "industrial-strength" version that will be used
by counselors and geneticists in tests and (eventually) in routine

REQUIREMENTS: The ideal candidate for this position has a Bachelor's
degree in computer science or a related discipline, has extensive
experience building interactive Macintosh applications, is an
experienced Mac Common Lisp programmer, and has the mathematical
sophistication to understand and help to optimize the probabilistic
inference algorithms.  Demonstrations of similar programs developed by
the candidate will be requested and their quality used as a criterion
of selection.  Demonstrated ability to work with collaborators, such
as doctors, genetic counselors, MIT researchers and graduate students,
is important.

This position is initially funded as a full-time job for 18 months,
but success during that period is likely to lead to further similar

Interested candidates may respond either by email or US Mail.  By email, send
your reply to Scott Reischmann (smr@medg.lcs.mit.edu), including your resume.
By US Mail, send two copies of both cover letter and resume referencing Job No
94-0003R to: 

James H. Mccarthy
MIT Personnel Office
Bldg. E19-239
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

MIT is an Equal Opportunity/Affimative Action Employer
MIT is a non-smoking environment

P.S.  Just to avoid getting flamed, I got clearance to use this mailing list for
a (gasp) job announcement.  --Pete Szolovits