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Re: Connectix Ram Doubler and MCL?

At 10:44 AM 1/7/94 -0800, John W. Baxter wrote:
>>MCL Gurus-
>>Anybody know if there are any potential conflicts between Connectix'
>>Ram Doubler and MCL.
>The most likely problem would be with the ephemeral garbage collection.  As
>an "outsider", I see a good possibility that the egc code would disagree
>with RAM Doubler over the use of the PMMU.  And it sounds like the sort of
>argument that everybody loses.

I don't know anything about RAM doubler, but MCL doesn't make any use of the PMMU
unless the ptable init is installed.

>Connectix knows a whole lot about Macintosh memory issues (sometimes, more
>than Apple)...although I have enough RAM that I'm not terribly interested,
>I would tend to trust RAM Doubler.
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