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Re: Connectix Ram Doubler and MCL?

At 11:11 AM 1/7/94 -0800, John W. Baxter wrote:
>At 14:04 1/7/94 -0500, Kalman Reti wrote:
>>I don't know anything about RAM doubler, but MCL doesn't make any use of the
>>unless the ptable init is installed.
>My concern over the PMMU potential argument goes like this:  MCL is in the
>foreground.  It's memory is fully "real", and the PMMU reflects that.  Now
>MCL goes into the background and later RAM Doubler decides that MCL is
>"inactive".  Now RAM Doubler goes in, moves MCL's memory around, steals the
>unused parts of the heap, etc, adjusting the PMMU to reflect what it has
>done.  Now the ephemeral garbage collector decides to run.

If the ephemeral garbage collector is running, MCL must be active, so RAM Doubler
better have undone whatever it did (or NO applications would work).

>It's not immediately clear that all is well.  It's also not at all clear
>that there's any problem.
>It does need to be looked at in a non-mission-critical environment first, I
>would think.
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