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Macintosh Common Lisp

I am at present running MCL on my Centris 650, and would like to have more info
rmation on the workings of the language, from the ground up; that is, the Lisp
package that I am working with is very specific to DSP processing and digital-a
nalog conversion processes:'making-music.'  I am a graduate student at LSU scho
ol of music, and would you please answer a couple of questions for me: 1) does
your digest share code with one another,since I am new to programming the Mac,
and would like to know the bestway to start using MCL to program the TOOLBOX in
 the Mac, and howMCL relates to THINK C?  2) Please pass along any information
as regards MCL and programming the Sound generators in the TOOLBOX.
  THanks again, and I am looking forward to receiving your mailings here at
LSU.  I haveread about your many newsgroups dedicated to different flavors of L
isp. THanks again...