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Re: MCL on PowerPC in 68K emulation ?

Karsten Poeck (poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de) wrote:
: I assume that nobody at apple likes to answer the 1 000 000 $ question
: whether MCL will be ported to the native mode of the PowerPC or not but
: does MCL run on a PowerPC in the 68K emulation mode?

: regards for any answers

: Karsten

Here is the rumor that I heard:

A couple of our  multimedia programs written in MCL 
ran successfully at Macworld (?) when the first PowerPC's were demoed.

(I wasn't there, so I may be wrong about where/when the test was run,
but word is that emulation mode works great -- if you don't mind IIci

Laura Allender
The Institute for the  Learning Sciences