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Re: Strange behaviour ...

At  7:14 PM 1/11/94 +0100, Gilles Serasset wrote:
>Hello lispers,
>I just experience a strange behavoiour with MCL 2.0.1.
>When I run a program with a bug, no error message is reported in the
>Listener. LISP, just stops quietly the process.
>Has anybody experienced it, and why did this happens.
>The code is executed in responce to an apple-event from Hypercard. Perhaps,
>there is something I don't understand with the treatement of apple-events.
>When the code is correct, everything is done correctly, however, it is
>really difficult to debug with such a behaviour.
>Any idea ?

Execute the following and you should see the error messages:

(setq ccl::*signal-appleevent-errors* t)