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Re: keypresses

On Sun Jan 16, Robert Bruce Findler writes:
   I've been having some problems with keypresses in my view-key-event-handler.

   Specifically with #\end and #\home. control-d and control-a seem to be
   bound to those keys, respectively and the end and home keys on the
   keyboard just beep. I have one of the split keyboards, if that helps any.

I don't have an Apple Extended keyboard with function keys f1-f15, a
numeric keyppad, help, home, pageup/down, end, delete forward, and arrow

Try using the home and end keys within a fred window - they should send
you to the first and last line of the document.  Here's code I
used in my application to recognize the keystrokes and perform actions.
Notice that #\Home and #\End are the values of the keystrokes for home
and end:

(defmethod view-key-event-handler ((self choice-window) char)
  (select char
    (#\BackArrow (prev-transform self))
    (#\ForwardArrow (next-transform self))
    (#\UpArrow (zoom-in self))
    (#\DownArrow (zoom-out self))
    (#\Home (first-transform self))
    (#\PageUp (prev-transform self))
    (#\PageDown (next-transform self))
    (#\End (last-transform self))))
In microsoft word the control-a and control-d keys insert characters and
don't have the same effect as home and end.