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 >Date: 19 Jan 94 13:37:00 GMT
 >From: Ranson <ranson@LANNION.cnet.fr>
 >To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
 >Subject: Re: MCL FAQ
 >The Q&A about :color-p is wrong. If you don't specify :color-p t, you do get
 >colors anyway, the 8 colors supported by "B&W" QuickDraw. This is why people
 >are puzzled. They get colors, but not exactly the colors they expect.
 >     Daniel.

Hmm, I thought I mentioned that you get the "original QuickDraw routines, which
only support 8 colors (6 plus black and white)." Isn't that enough, or
how would you reword it?