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Re: Introductory books for L

        Reply to:   RE>Introductory books for LISP
John Anderson's book called _Essential Lisp_ is a good way to get started if
you don't have anyone around to answer lots of questions.  It's more of a Lisp
class curriculum than a reference.  

Bob Wilensky's book called _Common Lisp_ gets the job done, too.  Although,
there's not as much pedagogical hand-holding in this book.  

Once you're up and running, you'll want Guy Steele's _Common Lisp_, the
ultimate reference.


Date: 2/4/1994 1:12 AM
To: Steve Casner
From: Salem Reyen

Can anyone recommend me some good introductory books for LISP?

Thanks in advance.

Salem Reyen


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