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Re: Quadra 840AV cursor problems...

At  3:14 PM 2/8/94 +0000, vantomme@sound.music.mcgill.ca wrote:
>I'm running MCL 2.0 on a Quadra 840AV and whenever I move my
>cursor over an active MCL window, it turns to garbage.  I've
>tried loading without extensions, without any background stuff, etc.
>and nothing seems to work.  I'm not using VM since the machine has
>24 MB internal.
>Any hints? 
>Jason Vantomme

There is a patch, available via anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com,
in the directory /ftp/pub/MCL2/patches/cyclone-cursor-patch/.

It is also included in the 2.0->2.0.1 upgrade in the /ftp/pub/MCL2/patches/