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Re: eql-specialized methods and before

At  4:38 PM 2/11/94 -0500, Kim Barrett wrote:
>Actually, the behavior Bob Hall is seeing is in fact a bug, and there's a patch
>for it.  It's a bug because the two EQL specialized methods are both primary
>methods.  The relevant patch is a post 2.0p2 patch called
>"eql-method-comb-patch".  I'm not sure if this patch has been released or if you
>will need to request it.  In the meantime, the workaround of defining a method
>on T might work in the particular application, though it might be better to make
>the dummy default method to signal an error, since presumably it's never
>supposed to actually be reached.

The patch has not yet been made part of an official MCL patch file and
is not part of MCL 2.0.1, but I will send it to anyone who asks. Be sure
to ask for "eql-method-comb-patch" to save me searching through my mail &
patch archives. It will work when loaded into MCL 2.0p2 or MCL 2.0.1. It may
also work in earlier versions of MCL but I haven't tried that.