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of color monitors and triple-clicks

1)  How can you tell whether the monitor attached to the computer on which
MCL is being run is color or not?  I know, for example, that MCL has access
to *screen-height* and *screen-width*, but is there a screen-color-p
somewhere? *color-available* only tells whether color quickdraw is
around, I think, which is not the same.

1b)  How can I access the system colors, for example -- and in particular
the color that FRED dialogs use for their select-regions? 

2) Is there a triple-click-p?  Many Macintosh applications do something
special in this case, like select a whole line...  I would like to emulate
behavior.  Does such a function exist, or could I build one?  How does
double-click-p work?

Chris Crone
Northwestern University, School of Education and Social Policy