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Re: Scrolling question

In article <94Feb14.153757est.144001@explorer-en.dgp.toronto.edu>
Mark A. Tapia, markt@dgp.toronto.edu writes:
>Actually the problem occurs when there is one column


>The array dialog item (array-dialog-item.lisp in the example folder)
>handles 2-d arrays the way you want.  I'm not sure about
>the upper limit but it does handle 2400 elements.

I'm pretty sure that the array-dialog-item will be limited to 8K total
number of cells because of the List manager's limitations.  Is it a bad
idea to do one of the other two things I mentioned?  If not, how can I
accomplish the task of linking one column's scroll bar to the other two,
or of linking all three columns to an independent scroll bar?

I'm not sure that the array-dialog-item won't turn out to be my best
option, but I'd like to know what is possible before I make my decision.