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I wrote a nifty fred-command that simply takes a numeric arg 
(generated with the m/c-<digits> keys) and passes it to the
current sexpr in whatever fred window you are.
Everything's quite fine except the fact that my final 
eval-enqueue'ing of the modified sexpr (which, of course, has
already been read from the fred buffer) doesn't update the
globals +++ *** /// ...(and so forth) ... -.
I can't use the ccl::selection-eval approach window-enqueue-region
takes, since I have to pass a form that has already been read,
not a selection stream. Moreover, I also can't peek at the 
techniques involved in it, since l1-readloop.lisp isn't included
in the level-1 folder.

Is there any usable entry point which allows an enqueue-eval'ed
form to behave exactly like any other form entered through

Thanks, Tobias Kunze