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Re: Future Plans for MCL

Dear Mr. Fleischman:

Thank you for being the one who finally broke the silence on the MCL
power PC issue.  Even though I understand that the "vote is not
complete" on this issue, I have to say that I find your letter very
distressing.  I have been using MCL for only a short time, but used
LISP machines for many years.  In recent years I have used Allegro CL
on Unix boxes.  Now I am trying to decide between outfitting a new Lab
with Macs or Unix boxes.

I would prefer to move off of Unix boxes and onto Macs.  However, if
Apply decides not to port MCL to the power PC, then MCL will no longer
benefit directly from improving hardware technology.  Hence, I will be
forced to go with the Unix box alternative.  

I hope that some how your organization finds a way to justify the port
of MCL to power PCs.