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MCL users & Apple relations

Dear MCL Users,

If I may be so bold to state something, and I must confess that I am a 
novice at using MCL, but anybody with intelligence and proper training
in high-level language can tell a good language when they see one 
in action.. What hurts most inthis whole matter, and excuse me for 
bearing my 'feelings' again, isthe 'middle-age' business tactics that 
Apple has used in their relations with MCL users inthese past months 
during the PowerPC development, as if MCLusers are not someofthe most 
clever men/women on the face of the earth today.  How can Apple explain
that in a society where business thrives upon customer-corporate 
highlevel as well as low-level communication, that is communication 
that moves not only thru theso-called 'grapevine' but also communication
that is oriented towards the public consumer, can itreally justify 
itself by using such mathods of business tactics.  DO you not 
know Apple, that money talks, yes, but MOney is only give a body(which-contains
-that-voice) by PEOPLE.  That is the bottom line.  

Of course I am not a APPLE CEO, and Iam not in the position to make 
corporate decisions, and I amnot even a head of any department that makes
real academic decisions that maketh world turn, but the obvious is really 
blaring in this regard.  Just asthe Church sttod by when millions of JEws 
were being massacred in Auschwotw, and countless Americans kept theirhands
in their poskets(that is covering them so money wouln't fall out) so 
 that the people in Bosnia couldactually go totheir deaths, and their 
lives lost because 'we' would not say anything to stop theirmurderers
form killing themoff. SO this isthe very same thing-itis not mind over 
matter, but MONEY over MATTER, that is the principle thatis causing the 
blindness is  America's indistry.  The human person isthemost important
thing is business and not how muchwe can screw one another out of another buck.

Gratefully and with deep respect to 
Apple and its users,

Clinton R. LeFort
L.S.U. School of Music 
Baton Rouge, LA. 
Home ofthe Contemporary Music Festival (1945-1995)