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Re: Future Plans for MCL

On Fri, 18 Feb 94 16:25:47 -0500, Henry Lieberman <lieber@media.mit.edu>

> We have been
> disappointed that Apple has not been aggressive in advertising and
> marketing it, almost hiding it in the obscure domain of APDA. We
> suggest that if Apple took more interest in promoting it, its sales might
> better reflect its popularity with its current users. 

I absolutely have to agree with that. Concerning, for example,
Apple Germany, I myself know of at least 5 (!) people who, after
being unable to buy it from 'ordinary' outlets (Apple's formerly 'certified'
dealers or Service Centers), unsuccessfully tried to purchase MCL directly
from APDA in Munich, Germany. Each of them were told that MCL would be sold
only to registered developers, which is simply ridicolous.
The fact being that Apple doesn't give rebates on APDA products to their 
own dealers, you may be sure that MCL doesn't show up on any dealer's shelf...

It's a shame that one has to invest lots of time and money for long-distance
calls and, furthermore, maybe ask a friendly developer to simply purchase 
a copy of what is really one of the best programs available for the Macintosh.