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Re: Future Plans for MCL

I find that I am in a situation very similar to Jeff & Bruce.  We have
aging LispM's, several unix boxes, and several Macs.  We will be looking
to replacing the LispM's in the next year, and would much prefer using
MCL to Franz Allegro (which we currently use on unix) or Lucid (which we
recently evalutated).  MCL satisfies almost all our requirements (see
below), and has a much superior user interface, and we had just about
concluded that when we next aquired workstation hardware for Lisp, we
would prefer Mac+MCL to unix+<whatever>.

The remaining requirement which MCL does not satisfy is support for
multiple processes.  We are also a bit concerned about the CLIM 2 port,
but are willing to be patient.  However, a failure to commit to keeping
MCL up to date with the new hardware will force us back to the unix
vendor alternative.

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