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Re: Future Plans for MCL

Dear Mr. Fleischman,
I am disheartened by Apple's apparent decision to not provide a  
native version of MCL for the PowerPC.  Over the next year or so our  
computer music center must decide which workstation to use as the  
standard platform for developing our audio and music composition  
software over the next 5-8 years. A fast, efficient Lisp  
implementation with a foreign language interface is critical to our  
needs because it provides the best software environment for  
developing complex, interactive audio/music applications.  The  
PowerPC with a native MCL was a serious contender to replace our  
current generation of Unix based machines.  Frankly, if you gave MCL  
workstation speed and an advertising budget I can't see how it  
wouldn't gain a significant share of the general lisp workstation  
market: its already got the best developer's environment short of  
Interlisp and Genera (I've had years of experience on both), and at a  
fraction of the cost.

	Rick Taube
	Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
	Karlsruhe, Germany