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Mr. Fleishman

Allow me to add my opinion to the growing list of those wishing (needing) to
have development of MCL continue into PPC and beyond.

I am not a professional developer, but a researcher and as such am in need of
the best tools I can muster to enable prototype and testing of NEW ideas. LISP
in general and MCL in particular allow me to "do what needs to be done" in a
reasonable time frame. However, even more valuable is my ability to 
incrementally test ideas ad hoc. Yes, other products will fill this need but
they have not, in my experience, proved to be as GOOD as MCL! and do not carry
with them the invaluable assistance of your support staff in Cambridge!!

Doubtless your preliminary announcement to our group was designed to "test the
water" relative to continuing MCL development (not just support). You have seen
the opinions of many commercial developers here. If revenue is your primary
concern, their input may be sufficient to answer your test. However, if you are
also concerned for the well being of Apple (and computer users) in the long
run, you will also be interested in the voices of those who take the real brunt
of our livlihood, R&D. We don't realize profit from our labor. We live by 
statistically significant gains and qualitative evidence. 

MCL enables me to seek those goals in a way that is both expedient for ourselvesand that informs professional developers efforts.

My point is that profit is not the only factor here. We and you and all will
gain from Apple's continued improvement of what is arguably the best thing
in your (and our) favor.

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Donald J. Winiecki