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Re: New PPC MCL Pricing!

>I bet there's plenty of money to be mined from the marketplace if
>Apple would just try.  I mean look at the marketing history for
>MCL.  You can buy full MCL for $495.  Period.  No trial version,
>no "lite" version, no specials, no bundles, no network licensing,
>in short, bare-bones marketing.

sadly, but true

>What might MCL marketing look like?

... some **very** good ideas from Dave Yost

>Can you see all the programmers who've always wanted to
>see what Common Lisp was all about buying the book and
>the trial version and getting going?

I can buy Maple, Theorist, ... as student versions in a book
shop. There are books with software all around. There
has been clever marketing by some people. Mathematica
was the dominating CA-package in the PC and Mac world.
But now I can get a very affordable version of Maple
in a bookshop. People are buying it. I bought a student
version of theorist just to see what it is all about.
It is mainly a book with a disc. I like it.

- MCL should **not** be more expensive.

+ It should be cheaper! 

+ It should come in different versions.

+ It should be accessible.

Do you know how difficult it is to
buy MCL? Where is it? In the shops? No. In the catalogs
of software distributors? No. Available through APDA?
Here in Germany they even don´t know what APDA is.

The users of MCL believe in a market for it. Apple?
How should people know what an OODL is? Who should
buy Dylan?

Rainer Joswig

Rainer Joswig
Email: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de