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mcl virtual memory question

Help, please!

I'd appreciate any help you can give me with getting  virtual memory to
work with Mac Commonlisp. Here's the configuration I have:

latest version of Mac Commonlisp, received from APDA on 2/21/94
Mac OS 7.1
Mac IIci with 32 MB RAM, 1GB disk
DiiMoCache 50Mhz 48030 w/ FPU, 64 KB cache, accelerator card in cache slot

When I partition MCL to have 20 MB and don't use virtual memory, MCL starts 
and runs fine.

Sometimes when I ask for 64MB virtual memory and partition MCL to have 50 MB,
MCL starts and probably runs fine. Other times MCL won't start -- when trying
to start MCL it bombs giving a "system error 7", and my only option is to
restart the machine -- 

Whenever I ask for more than 64MB virtual memory, MCL bombs with system
error 7, independently of how much I partition it with....

The problem seems to be with the "Ptable" file of MCL. Whenever MCL runs fine,
the Ptable icon is displayed fine when I start the machine. Whenever MCL 
bombs out, the Ptable icon is X-ed out when I start the machine. Of course,
I start the machine whenever I change my virtual memory allocation.

The MCL documentation says there is a patch for IIci's that have 68040 
accelerator cards but I haven't tried that yet, since I have a 68030 card..
(oops, please excuse typo above).

For what I'm trying to do, I'd like to have 100MB or more virtual memory,
and of course I'd like everything to run repeatably. At present, I can only
get 64MB virtual memory, and even that doesn't always work -- quite often
the Ptable icon is X-ed out when I start the machine and ask for 64MB 

Thanks in advance for your help--

Phil Jackson