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MCL development.

I would like to add another agreement that Apple should not drop
MCL development.  I really have very little to add that hasn't
been stated before, but here's my summary:

1. MCL sells (LOTS OF) Mac boxes.  In my case, the existence of a high-quality
   (e.g. supported) MCL enabled justifying buying 2 IIfxs.

2. Jerking the rug out from under lots of developers is really stupid.  Why
   should any developer in s/his right mind continue developing Mac software?

3. Given 1, Apple ought to be cheerfully developing MCL instead of pinching
   pennies over it.  This alleged "unprofitability" of MCL just shows Apple
   needs new bean counters.

4. Dylan is not the answer: given (2), why should anybody bother to learn it,
   much less give up Lisp for it?

5. Having MCL taken over by a software company is probably not the right
   answer either, because said company would HAVE TO make a profit from
   sales of MCL itself, not getting any money from Mac hardware sales.

-- Bob