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Re: MCL development.

> Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 17:12:17 EST
> From: hall@research.att.com (Bob Hall)
> ...
> 5. Having MCL taken over by a software company is probably not the
>    right answer either, because said company would HAVE TO make a
>    profit from sales of MCL itself, not getting any money from Mac
>    hardware sales.

Good point.  However, I believe that MCL could be profitably sold by
a software-only company as long as they...

 (1) continue to develop it (for the PPC; for the ANSI standard; and
     so on)

 (2) keep it "modestly" priced (as I believe MCL is); and give schools
     a break (i.e., get 'em hooked early)

 (3) [This is a big one] MARKET IT, FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD !!! (something
     Apple didn't even come close to doing).

 (4) don't pay Apple through the nose to obtain the rights.

Al Reich
Lockheed - Austin Division