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Re: Price Gouging

In article <vogtCLovqz.zw@netcom.com> vogt@netcom.com (Christopher J. Vogt)
>Let me reinforce this thought.  I specificly purchased a Quadra 700
>two years ago because I wanted to run MCL.  Without MCL I never would
>have bought a Mac, I'd have puchased some other Lisp, and some other
>hardware.  Further, a soon to be customer of mine, is buying their
>first Mac, in an office of hundreds of PCs, because they want my
>product, so chalk up another hardware sale, a Quadra 950.
Let *me* reinforce it as well. I also developed a system using MCL, and my boss
put a Quadra 700 on my desk specifically for that project. The system (a
high-level knowledge-engineering tool) has now sold a small but not
insignificant number of copies, mostly to people who didn't generally use Macs,
but who have been willing to buy them - and to buy high-end systems -
specifically to run this system. Chalk up another ten or fifteen equipment
sales to the fact that I originally insisted on using MCL.

Summary: MCL is a very good development environment, which allows programmers
to build specialist applications that can lead directly to hardware sales. If
Apple can't see the logic of continuing to develop and support MCL in the light
of this kind of testimonial, then they are - with respect - dumber than fungus.


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