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Re: PowerPC vs. MCL

>Finally a technical question. To me it seems that migrating to a native
>PowerPC compiler could be done in steps. As the first step, what about
>retargeting the existing LAP assembler to reasonably efficient PowerPC
>code. What I mean is using a M68 instruction model with PowerPC macro
>instruction replacements. I have undestood that LAP is a relatively small
>piece of software to be changed this way. What is the problem with this
>thinking ?

This would work for your LAP code, but I guess that the compiler uses LAP
code about which it has some built-in assumptions: size, speed, effects.
Also, Bill said that LAP was used to implement MCL... this does not
necessarily mean that the MCL compiler generates LAP code as an
intermediate step. If it does, your idea definately merits more