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Re: Future Plans for MCL

I would like to add my voice to the those of the legion of dedicated 
MCL users who wish desperately to see it continue to grow.   Since 
the Coral days MCL has been the development environment for our 
software, and has been the sole reason for outfitting the statistical 
computing research and teaching facilities at Waterloo with Macs, as 
discussed by R.W. Oldford in an earlier post.

There have been some very persuasive arguments and innovative 
suggestions in the postings of the past few days, and I urge Apple to 
reconsider its decision in light of them.  I would like to congratulate  
and thank the MCL development team for an unbeatable product (including 
tech support), and encourage them to continue to push Common Lisp 
forward in any way they can.

Greg Anglin
Statistical Computing Laboratory
University of Waterloo