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balloon help for search-window-dialog

        I am trying to create a stand-alone application that makes a call
to (ccl::search-window-dialog).  This works fine and brings up the search
        My problem is that, when balloon help is on, I get an error message
when the cursor is over the search window saying that "The Help File could
not be found.  Would you like to locate the file?"  Apparently this occurs
because the balloon help messages for the search window are in the MCL Help
file.  These messages are only accessible to my application if the MCL Help
file is in the same folder as my application.  I tried using ResEdit and
copying the appropriate help strings from MCL Help into my application, but
that didn't seem to work.
        Is there some way to allow balloon help to work with the search
window  in my stand-alone application without keeping around the MCL Help
file?  If not, is there some way to permanently disable balloon help for
the search window so that I can avoid the error message?  Or shouldn't I be
using the search window via (ccl::search-window-dialog) in a stand-alone
        Thanks in advance.
        Dale Skrien