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Apple, wake up! *You* lose!

   Date: 23 Feb 94 01:23:21 PST
   Original-To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
   From: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de (Rainer Joswig)

   I still really can't believe Apple is killing all their development
   tools. Are they crazy? Under these prospects I can't recommend
   using Dylan (if it ever will appear), because soon it *could* be
   dead end. Given Apple=B4s reputation this seems to be quite
   plausible. Someone at Apple will decide that Dylan is no longer an
   important project, costs too much, has to few users and will kill
   it. For application development a tool has to be stable over *many*
   years. Will we have support for Dylan in ten years? All these
   (scripting) languages from Apple (AppleScript, NewtonScript, Key,
   Dylan, ...), will they have a future?

Since Dylan is a language rather than a development environment, I
don't think you have to worry about this.  Development environments
for Dylan will be provided by third parties (such as the Gwydion group
at CMU) even if Apple provides one too.  So, IF Apple doesn't
decide to axe the Dylan group before the language design is complete,
this won't be a problem.  And even if they did drop Dylan, maybe the
CMU folks would finalize the design...who knows.