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Re: polynomials

In article <KANDERSO.94Feb24164817@wheaton.bbn.com>,
Ken Anderson <kanderso@wheaton.bbn.com> wrote:
>You iterative horner method is better than the recursive method because the
>compiler can avoid number consing.  Generally, you'll want horner to be a
>a macro.

A good compiler should be able to avoid boxing on a tail recursive 
version; an interesting question would be how many compilers would   
generate an unboxed entry point for the non-tail recursive version. The 
assembly code generated by cmu-cl for the macro version was as good as 
I initially expected; I guess the reason is the old float != real

I assume that MCL does the right thing, judging from the quality of people 
at Apple's Cambridge office; I just wish that they'd create a native version
of MCL for the PowerMac. That'd make for a killer home setup. As it is I'm
going for a classical approach and getting a couple of old Symbolics 
boxes from Texas; are there any lispm mailing lists still going?


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